Call for Abstracts

You can submit your abstract for the 9th Linguistik Meetup Berlin-Brandenburg until 01 September 2022. Please fill out our form on the conference platform EasyChair. If you do not wish to share your information via EasyChair, please send us an email with the relevant information instead.

You can choose between talks (15 + 10 minutes discussion) and poster presentations this year. Please find more information in our FAQ.

Note: Unfortunately, we can only allocate a limited number of presentations, as we would like to avoid paralel presentation sessions. In recent years, all students have always been able to present in their preferred format. In the unlikely event that we nevertheless receive too many abstracts this year, we will fill the presentation slots

  • equally with students of all levels (Bachelor, Master, and PhD)
  • with students from Berlin and Brandenburg.

However, if your abstract is rejected for a talk, we are very happy to receive a poster presentation of your research project!

Currently we are also working on getting the printing costs for your poster reimbursed (at least partially). More information will follow soon!